Beach Sloth (sept 2014) (ENG)

Sāqiya is an agile tactical work. The sonic equivalent of freedom Soni Sfardati plays with everything. Vocals are delicate in touch. Incredibly improvisational in nature the collection manages to bring different textures together working in opposition at times. With such tension the conflict between guitar, drums, and voice is apparent. Fortunately for the listener nobody really wins. Rather each particular instrument appears to be given ample time to state its case.

“Tyn da Ris” is a deceptively calm introduction to the busy collection. “La Malinche – El Encuentro” is a far better representative. Off-kilter rhythms, guitars that twang, vocals that lose their minds, bring together the loose groove. For the following track “La Malinche – La Matanza Del Templo Mayor” Soni Sfardati mess with the stately composure of Post Rock, skirting around grooves, remaining silent, only going into full blast towards the end of the composition. “Mazar” colors in silence with restraint. Everything is allowed to simply decay into the void. The unease of the track is captivating. By far the highlight of the album is the progressive rock inspired “Mar Adentro”. Over the song’s duration it goes from skeletal to fully fleshed-out and back again multiple times. For the other long player “Al Madarig” Soni Sfardati uses a greater amount of jazz inflections, allowing things to get greatly out of hand.

Finally the title track “Sāqyia” finishes it off with the necessary nervous energy that permeates everything on the collection. Anxious and ready to fall apart at any moment “Sāqyia” is a glorious work.

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