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Int’l Scene: Soni Sfardati, Simply Noisy From Italia


When firstly listened to the single Sumiglia on its new album Sāqiya, it is welcomed with a creepy voice of the vocal while at the same time you’ll be amazed with the voice (that is so beautiful)

Firstly formed in 2008 by 2 guys, Soni Sfardati has released the silent noisy sound which is so nicely composed and having a strong characteristic. This time, these two guys invite a girl vocalist to bring something more in the silence. And… It’s absolutely great!

Hi, guys! How do you do?

Hi def-n and hi to all of def-n readers! We are great! We are glad and thankful for this opportunity.

Can you tell us the complete personnels of Soni Sfardati and founders?

Soni Sfardati is a duo founded by Enrico Cassia and Antonio Quinci in 2008. Writing this album, Sāqiya, we realized that we needed a voice and so we called in Gaia Mattiuzzi and the duo became a trio!

Where do the ideas come from?

Often ideas come out of long sessions of improvisations, sometimes they are compositions written in the rehearsal room, as in the case of Sāqiya.

As we love to say, our background music is our main source of inspiration. Jazz, of course, but also rock (we are two metalheads inside. Haha). We think that all music is beautiful when it has something to say and is played with passion.

What’s the meaning of Saqiya? Is it an Arabian? Any philosophy from the name?

In the Arab world, Sāqiya is a water wheel which is used to lift water and distributed it to different locations. Our album is a tribute to our land and represents our attempt to create a journey, a path through the various cultures that have spread in our region, just as the Arab wheel made with water.


What is “noise” in your viewpoint?

Ha! That is a good question! Noise is lack of silence, and silence does not exist.

In our previous album we tried to relate with noise, and this is the result:https://soundcloud.com/sonisfardati/scerra

Do you plan to make any tour by this album? Have you ever made tour before?

Yes! A little tour is scheduled next fall. Three years ago we had the chance to play in New York during a small tour organized by the label that have released our first album Tri Soni.

Any words for us and our readers?

Thanks for your attention and good music to all of you!

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text by def-n | embed by Dwiky KA | photographs from courtesy of Soni Sfardati retouch by Nadine Fauzia

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